A Valentine’s Day

On a summer’s day you are radiant, on a winter’s even more so. Your eloquent voice echoes sentiments of joy, laughter, sarcasm and cheekiness.

Your body sensual and tempting, your intellect attracting and enlightening. Your mind plays games with my mind, your body plays games with my soul. Your scent makes me forget rationality, your stride makes me wonder on how I am lucky to have you.

Your smile moves tears to my virtual eyes, your caring spurs emotion in my cheeks, and makes my knees shake and buckle. You dabble in black magic with your spontaneous kisses, your gifts decadent, your desires delicate.

You are impatient, passionate and bubbly – and for those I adore you.  You give me energy to make the most of our days – the source of which I am still trying to figure out.

You know what you want, and you know how to get it. You bring taste, culture and a certain preference for things beautiful and bright, shiny and new, hipster and historic.

You never give up, whether you have had one hour’s sleep or ten hour’s of screaming. Your determination inspiring, your resolve admirable, your humanity noble.

There is no use denying that I find you the most attractive woman in the world. I think of you at the most random of times, but I always think of you. You laugh at my jokes, sometimes hesitantly, but you always laugh at them. You give me confidence where I have none – and your methods are so simple yet so remarkable – it could be a hug from behind, a kiss from the front, or a message from the nether.

You never let go of what you are passionate about, and everyday to you is a new day.

Roses I bring to you in cower in the awe of your overriding natural beauty. You think I say this in jest? I’ve tried to look at other women and be attracted – and I’m not. It’s the best curse a man in love could ask for.

You are the best wife and mother one could ask for.

You’re amazing – and don’t you forget it.

Happy Valentines Day – and while I may get old, and weary and annoying – may this text be always around somewhere.

From the Bryan.


Recently I found a job I adore

Recently I found a job I adore, cherish and love.

It’s exciting, unsure, uneasy, precarious and beautiful at the same time.

It’s chaotic and free –  like my mind and spirit.

I’ve written a long time on passion, and following it. While I still believe that thoroughly, the more important point I’d like to make today is to make the most of the opportunities in front of you.

And if none are in front of you – create those opportunities.

Life is not too short – it’s the longest thing we experience, but it is something you should try and make the most of.

Rather than settle for a job I didn’t like that paid well, a job that I did like that didn’t pay well, a job I could like and paid well, I settled for a job that pays well and I love.

Each day is different, each moment ever-changing. It’s a challenge, but I grow everyday.

I get to use my expertise that I have hard-earned.

I get to use my time in the way I want to use it.

I get to be a man.

A man, or a woman for that matter, in control of his life, his ideas, his work.

Not micromanaged, not contained in a box, but left free with guidance.

I can still continue the pursuits I hold dear – writing, music, family and other hobbies.

And it’s quiet – and I how I adore the quiet. No one bothers me or pesters me. No one asks inane questions.

My mind is awakened, my worries are few, my temptations even fewer.

I have exactly what I want in work at this time in my life.

And I am glad.

I will not thank God or any other figure, but two things instead – hard-work and a bit of luck.


So what’s the take home message?

If you have a passion – work hard for it. If it doesn’t work, at least you have done something you enjoy.

If it does work and promotes you further – then you have a win-win situation.

Don’t settle for less than amazing. Create the opportunities that you want.

Patience is important – but without assertiveness, it can border on lethargy.

But always be careful what you wish for – with a bit of luck you just might get it.

A Year of Reflection

It’s been an interesting, chaotic, amazing and challenging year.

I’ve travelled halfway across the world with a pregnant wife, a dog, and far too much luggage. I’ve become a resident of another country, eaten a variety of food from the central/eastern european region, flourished the idea that everything in Europe is either near a river or on top of a hill, or both.

I’ve started studying, worked on, looked at and contemplated blacksmithing, woodworking, voice acting, video editing, book publishing, derivatives trading, Java EE development, psychology, consumer behaviour, safety razor use and Objectivism.

I’ve considered writing or attempted to write books or stories about pregnancy, children, men’s habits and desires, brotherly love, penguin romance and dystopian societies.

I’ve continued to write, and will continue to edit my first novel. I’m still not happy with it.

I’ve written draft articles on talent being overrated; vision, mission, goals, dreams, fate and soulmates being superfluous; and the expected behaviour and background of a successful female prime minister.

I’ve been traditionally unemployed for six months, been a father for over four months, been a husband for a year, a new friend for some for five months, and a continuing gamer.

I’ve learnt the boundaries of my patience, tolerance, determination, procrastination, and anger. I’ve seen both the lighter and the darker side of me – the angel and the devil.

I’ve been depressed, lively, cheerful and ecstatic. I’ve been annoyed, frustrated, disturbed, troubled, terrified and shocked.

I’ve learnt that one shouldn’t put a myriad of adjectives and stick to verbs, a lesson I’m still learning.


So what next? What goals, ambitions do I strive for?

Well, I’m going to work hard on editing and publishing my first novel.

I’m going to work even harder to be a great father.

I’m going to look for opportunities and seize them.

And everyday I want to learn something new, to keep my my brain afresh.

But most of all – I will treat everyday as something different, and continue to work towards being the best at writing.

This year has been a frightful experience – but an incredibly rewarding one.

Here’s to more years of variable emotions, variable situations, and incredible experiences.


Simplify your life. Get time back. Do stuff – a personal journey.

My Samsung Galaxy S2 kind of died. I can make it work – it will just be finding the right rom to flash it with, and the onerous process that takes.

It didn’t start working the other night, the minute I turned it off, because I absolutely had to read something of value. So I read a book.

Next morning, it won’t boot. Tried to fix it, still didn’t work.

And this begun my simplification process of my life.

First step  - Analyze

I use RescueTime on all my devices to get an idea what my productivity is like. Lately it has been terrible. I have spent at least 10 hours weekly on my phone, just on the browser! And this is looking at articles of which I can’t remember, probably didn’t get anything from, and were boring to begin with.


A week. The Youtube time is fairly productive. I'm either learning about the US Supreme Court and Scalia, or finding more reasons to like Jimmy Carr

A week. The Youtube time is fairly productive. I’m either learning about the US Supreme Court and Scalia, or finding more reasons to like Jimmy Carr. Client sites omitted.

The worst part is I checked when I was doing this – typically in the morning, which I have found can be the most productive time for me.

I wake up every morning, and before I go to the toilet, I check my email and Facebook updates. How sad is that? I haven’t done this for a couple of days and already feel liberated.

Why? Because I’m paying more attention to my surroundings, and I don’t take my daily direction and thoughts from what other people or services are sending me.

Second step – Find Tools

I had to have a working phone, purely for emergency purposes in a country which I am still finding my way, so I got out my BlackBerry curve, pictured here:

It’s not as pretty as an iPhone, but it does have a certain sense of style.


And within 30 minutes I had it working on another network. Remember this is a phone from 2008.

It doesn’t do email very well. I can’t be bothered paying for a BIS (Blackberry internet service) subscription. And why do I need to access my email on the go anyway? I can be far more productive in the home office. I type and read quicker for a start when I am on a bigger screen. If people need me, they call me.

It also has stellar battery life. Remember having a Nokia 3310? You rarely had to charge it? Well I get something similar – I charge my blackberry once every three days. It’s lovely.

To stop this email habit in the morning, where I have full access to my computer, which uses Sparrow (can’t recommend it enough), I use Inbox Pause which I can press a button and receive no more email until I press unpause. They are still received, but hidden.

It’s beautiful. I checked my email at 11:00am today very casually. I usually checked it at 7:00am, 7:10am, 7:30am, whenever something would arrive… Now I do it at 11, and maybe at 3. But I don’t really care. If people need me, they call or sms. And how many people actually need me on any given day?

But I realised this process of simplification started long before. I removed myself from 45 different newsletter subscriptions, some of whose mail I hadn’t read in over three years. My inbox had 6,631ish unread mail.

I removed most of my rss links. When I bookmark something I use Evernote Clipper, rather than bookmarking the page, because I never look at bookmarks, as you can see here:

Find any incriminating ones?

Find any incriminating ones?


I delete or archive any mail, I never leave anything in my inbox unless it’s neccesary for me to act upon it.

Spammers are still trying to say they need me to reply to them so they can send me private pictures.

Spammers are still trying to say they need me to reply to them so they can send me private pictures.

And it’s a weird sense of freedom. No longer I am shackled to my phone. I have become more social, and I’m enjoying time more.

(I had a friend, who shall remain nameless, that checked her phone every 30 seconds, by turning it on, refreshing email and facebook, and then turning it off. This was when we met. I haven’t checked my phone in at least 3 hours.)

Step Three – Change your behaviour

Oh, and just so you know, you don’t need the next biggest thing. It’s a lie.

I don’t actually want to be on my phone unless I have to. And that’s brilliant. It’s now a tool, not entertainment.

What struck me is this – I only have so many years left in my life, and there is much I want to accomplish. The only way this is going to happen is if I stop spending times on the things that aren’t productive, and start doing things that are.

Like reading and writing. Read this blog post if you want to be a book person like long ago before you had discovered the internet.

I’ve also stopped reading the news for any period of time.

I check one news site,  daily, for 10 seconds. In case, you know,  Adelaide has exploded.

Otherwise I couldn’t care less.

I’ve also stopped reading Wikipedia so intently. I still like to know how World War I started (incidentally far more complicated than World War II). I still like knowledge, but I prefer to read the things that either directly interest me or are related to my objectives. Trivia is always fun, but if you don’t remember it, what’s the point?

Time has become the most valuable thing for me. Right now, you are wondering why you are spending your time reading this article. Well if I was to leave you with anything, (but I encourage you to read on) is for you to manage your time better.

There are a stupendous amount of things that waste time in our lives. Get rid of them.

If I had my way I wouldn’t have an email account. But I haven’t got a personal assistant to filter and print out the right ones.

I encourage you to read longer articles and watch longer videos. Stop reading lists! (This is a problem for me as well). Most popular articles on news websites, by views, are lists. I know it’s human nature to like them, but for the love of God, do they leave you with anything interesting or relevant?

Also, do the most with your mornings. Or whenever you feel productive. Close any open tabs in your browser you don’t need. I know I’ve said this before.

I also encourage you to be more productive with your costs. I’ve been forced to save money, and I’m doing well. I have cut any subscriptions I don’t need, and I suggest you to do the same. I have moved this blog to more appropriate hosting, and I’m eating much better.

I also eat less now. But I eat healthier, at better times, with better value food. I also try to save money on beverages. I’m also in a country with extremely low grocery prices, but you don’t need to go that far.

Fourth Step – Do stuff

So now you have all the time in the world to do things, you have eliminated clutter, time-wasters and annoying things. What the hell do you do with the time?

I’m going to be sincerely succinct – whatever your passion, goal, desire in life is to do at this very moment, or for the next year, two years, decade etc – do something that would make you closer to that in some way.

I want to be a famous writer, and discover the depths of human emotions and experiences that life has to offer, and I feel that the written word can express these almost as good as being in the moment, and sometimes better.

Therefore I write nearly every single day 1000-4000 words depending on how I’m feeling.

So do something that will make you more awesome.

But then again, you try this for a couple of days, you use some of the software I recommend, and then you have a binge and lose productivity.

The most important thing I can say, after all of this, is STICK WITH YOUR PLAN.

I have had several episodes of email checking which haven’t been productive at all. I have tried to change them as much as possible. And when I do, I write 4000 words in an evening without a problem.

It takes a while to realise, but I think I’m starting to wage war on low productivity. Will you join me as a general?

PS: While I’m recommending things – use AdBlock for Chrome. It helps computer performance and stops pesky ads. On AdelaideNow, I’m stopping around 21 each time.

PSS: I watch an enormity of comedy shows, particularly British one’s. I always wanted to be a comedian, and in some strange way, I have become funnier because there humour is rubbing off on me. So for me, that isn’t a waste of time.

The curious case of finding solace in the thing you love

For a while now, I have wondered what was missing in my life. I had tried to work hard and learn as much as I could about Slovakia and the life that is about to begin. But I forgot my most favorite pleasure, of writing what is on my mind.

For some of us the calling of what we love to do isn’t there, or at least not yet. It comes slowly like a soft rain, calling from the sky above it rests upon our head, endorphins flowing, and makes us feel that we have a reason to be on this world, to be alive in a place that features the baneful over the pleasureful.

Then it hides, to allow us to feel the extent of losing its touch, absence making the heart grow fonder, and yet our brain yearns for something more, whether intellectual, spiritual or both.

Yet what we love doing can be more than that; it can be so much more. It can fill our minds with desires, fears and confusion. It disables our rational brain to focus on the feelings of true solace – of not wanting to do anything else in a given moment.

It frees procrastination, it erases doubt, it forbids sadness and it enhances self-confidence and self-esteem.

It makes you one with your mind. Nothing is of importance than what you are doing.

There is no purer thought, without any distraction or pollution at its final blossoming.

I may speak in tongues, or in words far superior than ones used previously, but it is only my mind speaking, unhindered by trepidation, hesitation and guilt, it roams freely across the page, in an everlasting throng of self-worth.

My writing may confuse, but it will be only for those that have not reached their passion, that will to do something amazing in one’s life.

And I for one enjoy this ecstatic, yet strangely enlightening course of events.

For lack of a better term – I have discovered the pure joy of writing one’s mind.

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My talk at TEDxAdelaideChange – Motivations for Change

I did a talk around four months ago, focusing on one of the stories I had written. It was my first dramatic storytelling in years. Let me know what you think.


A man named Derrick stumbles across the landscape, his eyes filled with despair. Wiping the sweat of his brow and surveying the horizon, all he sees is poverty and devastation. He sees houses torn and people begging on the streets. He sees children crying and mess everywhere. Everyone is fighting among themselves over anything they can find of value – cigarettes, honey and guns.

A man comes up to him, his clothes in tatters, and asks him for help. He refuses and is met with violent outrage.

“You know we could have saved this planet if it wasn’t for you!”

“What do you mean?” the man asks.

“You, the gatekeeper, kept thinking money and greed were all that was worth in this world. You kept the money from the people who needed it most. “

“I didn’t personally…”

“That doesn’t matter. You didn’t do anything about it. You didn’t suffer and slave and want a better world.”

“But no one asked me too. And it wasn’t profitable!”

With this the man spits on the ground.

“Who cares about profit now!”

Derrick solemnly looks down.

He sees his brand name sneakers and wonders if was all worth it for this poverty.

He wonders about himself. On if he had a good life. If he had something he could tell his children if he had any. He had been a middle-manager. He loved it in a way, the monotonous same dealings everyday, very predictable. No real responsibility, but enough to get a bigger paycheck.

Back When he was young, he would anticipate, procrastinate and hesitate. He wouldn’t change, not for himself, not for anyone. He was scared, sared to vulnerable, scared for things he couldn’t predict.

And now he was alone and morbid.

“Well what can I do now?” Derrick cried out

And the man said “Well come help us rebuild.”

“It will take forever though!”

“And not long enough. Come. You should know the power of a community.”

And so they went down and the man helped them. He cleaned up the rubbish, he helped with rebuilding the town. He built houses and trees and learnt how to do things he never imagined. He cooked and cleaned and spent days helping other people.

Years later the same man, with far better clothes on, came back to him and asked:

“So what do you see Derrick?”

I see change.  But it’s so different from before. It’s organic, natural, it’s happening of it’s own accord. This never happened before.

Because before Derrick, people weren’t willing to change. Now they were forced to. Maybe in a few years the change will slow down, and our community won’t be as good. Necessity is the prime reason to do things.

So what will you do to keep it going?

Think differently. Think not of greed. Think of sacrifice, of doing things that are good for the mind and the spirit. Don’t let money corrupt your thinking. Time is the most valuable asset. So for now Derrick, do what you need to do.

Society is improving. People are happy and spending time with people they love, doing what they love, and not just for money.

A few years later the man dies, and Derrick laments his loss.  With no leader, the community suffers, and greed sets in. Slowly people are more suspect of each other, and everything regrettably stays the same. No improvements, no innovation, it ends up stagnating.

Derrick, now with a family, wonders on what to do. His son comes up to him

“Daddy, why aren’t there any new playgrounds? Sis and me want to play!”

“But you don’t need any new playgrounds. The ones you have are fine!”

“But they’re borrring!”

And he was right. They were boring. They didn’t need changing – but they were boring.

Slowly the schools became not as good. And the government didn’t want anything to do with them. People didn’t care about those in need of help.

A hundred years passes and a man surveys the landscape instead of destruction he sees a vast city. Everyone seems to be having fun. A man comes up to him.

Hi I’m Derrick, you must be new here.

Yes, this is incredible! You have an amazing city. How did you do it?

I listened to my children. They tell us things we don’t want to hear. And you don’t even need kids to find out.

There is a kid in everyone of us. The fun, happy, truthful kid who wants nothing more than to enjoy himself and make everything change for the better.

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Be healthy, be productive.

It’s difficult to say no to fatty food, sugary food, any type of food that has something bad in it. They look delicious, and you believe they can sustain you.

But ten minutes later you feel bad and you wondered why you ate such a thing. You end up being less productive as well.

I’m not turning Vegetarian (or Vegan) but I think you can have a healthy diet, and make it interesting too.

I had a curry the other day which was only vegetables and lentils and I loved it – healthy stuff sometimes needs some spicing up.

This has a parallel to life – should I do something bad now, which feels good – (check Facebook, Email) or do something that is good, which doesn’t feel as good (Something productive, writing, advancing a business idea etc)

We always want to do the easy thing to start – our lizard brains like the wins that come quickly and without too much trouble.

But the big wins, the one’s our rational minds love, come after a lot of doing things that are not quick and easy and fun at the time. They can be strenuous, frustrating, mind-expanding. But in the end a miraculous thing emerges.

But just like spicing up a vegetarian dish, you can spice up real work as well. Music helps me provided it doesn’t raise my heartbeat. Or maybe some nice tea to do your work with. Or do it with a friend (the work I mean).

Doing meaningful work for a justifiable purpose doesn’t mean it has to be bad all the time.

Join a coworking centre, or just check one out to start.

There is a fine line though between making the real work a more pleasureful experience and procrastinating. And your mind will try to procrastinate.

Tools that have helped me get past this are RescueTime, the Pomodoro technique for Chrome, listening to a radio station and not songs I pick (the average song is three minutes which you will probably change in that duration anyway, distracting you more)

Don’t get distracted by bad foods, by the easy wins, by the minor things that happen in life.

Go for the stuff that changes lives.

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Favouring the expected rather than the unexpected, the known over the unknown

TV shows and sitcoms have a fairly known storyline, if you have seen a few, you have seen them all.

Video games have storylines that people have done before, so you can look them up and find out what to do and how to do it.

But the problem with both is that they’re finite – there is only so much storyline. I’m sure you have liked a show and before long they cancel the season.

Life is infinite, and our attempts to quantify a part of it – maybe parts that we like or love – is good, but there is a limit.

Life isn’t a TV show. It’s a game but with unclear rules, unknown progression, and unrealised rewards.

The longer you live in a fictional world, the longer you feel isolated in the real world. You expect life to follow well-defined patterns.

It doesn’t. It sometimes sucks.

You can feel alone, depressed, and feeling under the weather. You have to deal with things that you don’t want to deal with. Money isn’t that easy to come by, nor are friends, people you love, and circumstances you enjoy.

But across this sad path I have painted, there is hope. The possibilities of life are endless. There is never a time you say ‘well life has stopped for me’. It offers the full spectrum of emotions and experiences, far greater than any story or game.

Our attempts at making a story of great experiences is in awe of what life can bring.

You just have to try. That feeling of helplessness, or feeling so small in a world so big is common to everyone – don’t worry.

Realize that you are special. That you have something to offer to this world.

But never forget life is a game. You don’t get to choose your parents or your race, but you can change everything else with enough work.

And work is not satisfying sometimes. Because you don’t know what you are doing it for, why you are doing it. For short-term rewards sure, but for longer term? Maybe getting that car, or that house, or living in a certain way. It’s all uncertain.

Maybe that’s why graduate programs are so popular now. They give graduates a surefire way not only to visualise but to experience a progression in life.

Because humans are lousy with uncertainty.

We hate it. We like to know we will receive this amount of money at this time, or get this thing from this person at another. When we are able to plan based on variables we can define, we feel much better.

And with games that is easy. There are well-defined times when you need to do things, and get cash. And the influence of other players, on the whole, doesn’t decide whether you get something or not.

But in the real world, it does matter. We are in intense competition with people who don’t know what they want, who to be friends or enemies with, and don’t know the path to success or failure.

It’s all up in the air, and it’s annoying. But what if we did know?

If we did know that talking to that person would definitely result in something better happening for us.

If going to a coffee shop today would result in meeting someone who would change our lives.

If writing this blog post would change someone’s perception for the better.

It would be a little boring. It would be satisfying, but it would be boring at the same time – because we would know what would happen. And it would condition us not to accept when tragedy or depressions strikes.

So uncertainty is sure annoying – but it brings its own unique joys.

Don’t let it beat you.

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Music takes you back where you belong and some more observations on Europe.

Everything important in Europe is either on a hill or near a river. They love to tell you on all their promotional posters that they have a lot of water right next to them, and their towering heights are great to deter advancing armies. Which got me thinking - Australia loves to tell everyone it has animals that don’t eat or kill you – Koalas, Kangaroos; and it has sunny beaches, red dust deserts, and beautiful bikini women.

You have never parked in Europe if you complain about parking in Australia.

Soup. It’s available with everything. Best thing ever. It’s not even cold weather, and it’s still good.

Why soup is good for lunch as an entrée:

It fills you up.

It makes you warm.

It tastes good.

It digests well.

But more importantly:

What will I talk about today? The curious way music has an effect on the soul. Over the last few weeks I have wondered how to attain solace, and it was beyond me.

Then by chance I was able to borrow a Keyboard from aunt-in-law. I hadn’t played music in a while; I learnt to play saxophone for seven years but never took any classes in piano.

And slowly but surely I am getting better. I am starting off with some assortment of tunes; Prelude and Fugue in C Major by Bach, Czardas by Monti, Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 by Liszt, The Winner Takes It All by ABBA, and to top it off Skyfall by Adele.

I’m not by any means good, but I’m practising a lot. Music is one of those things you slowly get better at. Your fingers gain more dexterity, your mind wanders onto tunes not written.

At the moment I would say to call them creative outputs. To write, I need inspiration, and music gives me that inspiration. To play music, I need to quiet my brain, and writing helps me do that.

My message is still clear, never give up. You will get better slowly. You won’t be brilliant, today, tomorrow, or the next day, but you can say you have attained something.

Writing to me is first personal then professional. Music is just personal.

I encourage you all to find a creative output. We need it in our society that highlights the obscene over the meek, the dumb over the wise. We are all creative in some way, so find a way to express it.

It may be visual art.

It could be standup comedy.

It could be doing a dramatic play.

Or even designing your new bedroom, or kitchen.

Our minds desire and deserve creativity.

So be mad, creative, and hungry for more.


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Pressure and Passion

We have many pressures in life. They poke us at the most inconvenient of times. But they do push us into things we normally wouldn’t do. And without pressure, what do we have?

I used to think time as a virtue is enough. But it isn’t. There needs to be some force pushing you along the way. It could be passion, it could be outside stress, it could be a whole manner of different things.

That’s why it’s so important to find your passion. And more importantly, to act on it. Other things will defer you from your passion, for reasons of money, of people thinking you are good at something else, for time-related reasons, etc. But time and time again your mind will wander back to your passion. The thing you were supposed to do.

Family, friends, colleagues all put their respective pressures taking you away from what I call your ‘core business’. The thing that makes you happy and you see a future in, not for the next 5 days, but for the next 5 years.

And it’s difficult to follow-up with your passion – particularly if your self-confidence  and esteem is low like mine. Or you have very persuasive friends. Or if there is a sharp learning curve.

But it’s a strange thing – you will keep coming back. After that other misdirection is out-of-the-way, you will come back. And you will wonder why you ever left.

We can learn from a great many things, distractions included. But the key point is, are you learning a definable skill in whatever you are doing instead of your passion? I find you may learn an employable skill, which is good, but more often that not you learn one key factor – you should pursue your passion.

And it’s a case of how many reminders you need to actually do it.

People say ‘real life gets in the way’. And it does to a certain extent. But without real life there can’t be passion. And there is always some time to work on it.

There are a lot of hours per day. You probably won’t be able to make your passion profitable in the next year or so. But you will be able to get better. And that’s a hard lesson – to learn something now for future returns.

It’s what we’re taught is good, but it goes against our whole culture of being awesome immediately. It happens gradually, with many failures.

People would say ‘In an ideal world…’. Well that’s just silly talk. There is no point in defining an ideal world – there is a point however in defining a better world for yourself and others. In making a world, or even just a life more full of things you enjoy.

And the purest enjoyment is that of learning and success in my humble opinion. It has no guilt, no remorse, it’s an improvement of one’s self.

But don’t think your life can be without pressures – there will be always be something prodding you from somewhere. I like to reduce the number and reduce the effect of these pressures, but they will always be there. If you are passionate enough about your passion, whatever it is – you will get through.

Everyday is a glorious battle. Not with other people, but with yourself. Try and win the battle more often. Your lizard brain, as many call it, is fighting against you.

Find your passion – and find every excuse to pursue it. Deal with the many arrows and shots of pressures and shit hitting the fan, and live well.

Because the only way to get to the top of Mt Everest is to climb it.

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