3 reasons not to be rude

1. Assume people are good. People are lovely fuzzy creatures with no penchant for killing people or worse. Treat them as such.

People are like bananas. If you tear the skin too rapidly, the poor banana will be in shreds. If you tear it nice and slow though, they taste yummy.

Or imagine it like an new Apple product. You must treat it with utmost care, less there be damage and no AppleCare.

2.  No one likes rude people. Quite frankly, they stink and should be ostracised. Together with various other people who patronize, harass, etc. They are all little folk with no real escape but to be silly.

Rude people are like leftovers left too long in the fridge. They stink out the whole area. All the other once beautiful food is now spoiled. You ruin the food party.

You ruin someones previously good day. When they got a special deal from a place they hadn’t heard of. Maybe it was a special coupon for a nice place. Or they got a great compliment from someone. You being rude just made their day sour.

3. You get favours when you are not rude. Like invitations to things. And jobs. And other such things that people want.

You get more samples of free food from strangers. And medical people are nice – they put the needle in slower. People are genuinely fun to be around, life is cool to live.

A menagerie of wonderful things can happen when you start being nice.

Now imagine if people weren’t rude. What a wonderful place it would be. People would apologise and open doors, pay half the bill and not shout at you.

This be a life worth living. Or worth exploring.


And if you are still rude after this  - then just have a tea. Or get a massage. Or talk to a friend. Or watch Die Hard.

Life is too full of great surprises for them to be tarnished by rudies.

‘Rudies’ = Rude people. I effectively coin this term.

By Bryan Harrell

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