Bratislava after four days

Rather than give you an expose into the entire four days – let’s do it in a dot point form, and then you will ask leading questions as to what I’m talking about:


Hot, amazingly.

Great sights.

Grass and greenery ******* everywhere.

Who uses the term ‘meadow’?

Ahh yes that thing about learning Slovak. Quite useful it would be now, yes.

Bogans? You have bogans? Surely there is a Slovak word for this.

Smoked cheese – come into my belly.

True Hungarian salami, follow the cheese.

Remember passport when crossing countries.

Got ink for pen, check. Now can act like old man with Waterman pen.

There’s not that much food. I mean we ate for six hours, but remember we spaced it out, so it’s not like we are binge eating or anything.

Oh you want to try a beer? Sure, take the bottle. Because that’s what trying is.

You called my bluff. When I said I wanted a shot, I was joking. Ahh they’re bringing it out and it’s only a euro. Well I guess one won’t hurt.

Kerbs and sidewalks were meant for cars, didn’t anyone tell you?

All BMW drivers are insane. (this is expanded from all M3 drivers have no friends)

All Skoda Octavia drivers are insane.

IKEA! European budget furniture in a nutshell. With added swedish meatballs.

I mean the difference in Australian and Austria is like three letters, so we won’t have a problem officer, will we?

In cargo area of Vienna airport – scary gray walls, with surprisingly good machine coffee. Paperwork and travelling between offices is necessary.

Why are you asking me for directions? I have no idea! My phone stopped working.

McDonalds – the sure way to get food nearly exactly the same as you were used to it back home. Wait they have a mexican cheeseburger? And blue cheese crispy treats? It’s like gourmet and shit.

Advertisement on massive poster – random Slovak language, topless girl with arms around covering, advertising weight loss. But no exercise, no no no, we need drugs.

I see what Petra meant by proper bread. It’s like sourdough everywhere. No Tip-top’s the one here.

Ok we get it Europe, you love cobblestones, must you put them everywhere?

Cycling – fun, with a heavy wind from the Danube. Like cycling near the torrens, but with a much bigger river. And people just keep moving.

Locks with tri-keys with different bumps on each ledge. Wow that’s security. They make proper doors as well, with insulation. When you close it, you’re like “Where is life?”

I have private health insurance! And it covers nearly everything! And it didn’t cost me much at all…I feel protected.

I have a Slovak bank account – which they conveniently only included an English translation on the main page, not on internet banking. Go Go Google Translate instant!

Might have to catch a tram. Oh look there’s one now. And another one. Well there  must be something wrong, growing up in Adelaide, I was told within 15 minutes was a godsend.

Beautiful house being restored, from last century. Massive apartment with lots of sun. Jealous much?

There’s a horse next door. We try not to wake it. It’s fairly large.

It takes about an hour to get to Vienna by car. We can there this afternoon if you want. I mean I understand if you want to go to another capital city in Australia it’s a good 6-10 hour drive depending on where you are going. So it might be a little strange.

Finishing high school girls. Long hair beyond shoulders. Assorted colours. Every single one is like that. It’s crazy. Petra tells me it’s cultural. They didn’t really look individual.

This is a highway Bryan. Look at this. From the centre of the city, I can go to the suburbs using a highway. This is a proper ring route.

And that’s all for now :) Enjoy.


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2 thoughts on “Bratislava after four days

  1. Some classic random observations and thoughts! Yes, real bread is the only way to go, my house hold has eshewed commercial loaves for rustic homemade dough creations baked in the oven (28 minutes is our magic bake time!).

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