Do you really need a Macbook Pro with a Retina Display (Revolution vs. necessity)

It looks beautiful.

It sounds awesome.

It smells like a terrifically powerful machine.


But do we really need a Retina display (2880 by 1800) versus a traditional 1900 by 1200?

For graphic artists, videographers, anyone dealing with high resolutions? Yeah it could be useful.

But for the average user? Probably not. It looks great though.

It’s very pretty. It’s gorgeous, I actually want one so badly.

Even though a word document or adding a new post on a blog will make no difference if done on a Retina display or not.

So should you get one?

If you have the money and you need a really good compromise of portability plus power. And you need a fantastic display.

But this represents a larger issue:

Do you put advancements in physical technology ahead of the software and users that use them?

If you do, you end up with things like Thunderbolt ports with limited applications, until everyone catches up.

  • Apple did this originally with the 802.11n wireless specification, we didn’t even have routers in the mainstream that supported the standard. Now everyone has it. It took a while, and I still run a low-speed wireless network at home. Why? I only can download max at 2 megabytes a second, so whats the point of making the speed increase.

If you don’t, then software manufacturers will either keep the same standards they are doing for years on, or compete with you for a technological standard of their own.

However, there is a limit to how much performance any one person needs. If you’re a gamer then you need the best. If you want to encode 3D animation and video, the best may prove to be time efficient for your business.

But your average Joe could run on a regular computer from 2 years ago and do 99% of the tasks that any new computer can do.
I have a problem with necessity and extravagance. I like the idea of being extravagant, but I hate the inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

I could get an Audi R8 in Adelaide. Which would be fairly useless as the max legal speed is 110km/hr.

So here is the problem: Advancements are great, incredible, stupendous, but are they really needed?

Is money and time better spent on more thoughtful pursuits? What is more important, functionality or aesthetics, or a combination of both?

And that is my rant for today.


PS: Other changes they made to the Macbook Pro:

Air vents on the sides, finally – needed with every single Macbook since its inception, the vent out the back didn’t do the job very well.

Dual mics – with mountain lion and the dictaphone Siri should prove minimally useful

Really good speakers apparently.

Non-upgradable Ram… (I guess 8gb is enough until you need to buy a new one)

Big SSD – excellent.

HDMI out!

Two thunderbolt ports (yay for all those devices we have)

No direct ethernet.

And Mountain Lion – power nap facility which only works with last year’s macs and beyond.



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