My goal for Los Angeles

So my novel is half done. It needs at least 20,000 words in my opinion to be a good first draft. Then it needs some exposition on the main parts.

I’m writing this post as a self-affirmation that will hold me to this goal.

I have some good time in LA to make this happen. I will focus on no other writing, including blogging, in this time. It will just be the story.

I will need to write around 4,000 words a day. On my non-marketing days, I would usually be doing about 2,000 words a day on various writing projects.

There will be far fewer distractions. My phone will be off. Internet won’t be that easy to come by. I will have my favourite writing tool, Scrivener.

I will have a hugely different place to explore, to be inspired and surprised by.

Will it be brilliant writing to start off with? Probably not. But it will get the idea down.

I started this story June last year. With everything going on it has been the leviathan, the godfather, the biggest of stories on my back.

It is a story that needs telling, that is apt, suitable, and relatable in this world at this moment.

It brings together many emotions from different people and infuses them into a story.

It’s humorous. It’s surprising.

And I can’t wait to finish it.


PS: If I do get to that mark in words, and I still find I need to write more, I have two options – write on one of my short stories, or the screenplay that is coming eventually. Maybe I will make it an Episode series first.

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