Welcoming a new future

So it’s my last day at RiAus today, from here on in I will be freelancing full-time. It’s a scary thought, in a way, but one I welcome openly. You only know the taste of the grass on the other side if you get to it – you can’t tell from being miles away.

And I will be happy sleeping at night that I am in control of my destiny.

Not too much will change, I will probably still wake up at 8am and feed the dog, and get a coffee at 9 and start working. I may wear ugg boots instead of sneakers, and may answer support calls in pajamas, and leave the McDonalds at the store and have some toasted sandwiches at home.

But I will be a little bit free, just enough to make a mark on this world in some way.  I have dreamt of doing so for so long, it’s made mincemeat of my dreams, and caused me to read the most cliché of books.

Would I encourage you to seek out freelancing as a career? If you haven’t thought of breaking free then I wouldn’t suggest so.

I suspect the next few years are going to be an adventure, in more ways than one. There will be challenges, some of which I have never faced. There will be sacrifice and learning, growing up while becoming a kid again.

But wherever life takes me, I know I’m somehow going in the right direction. Yes it may twist and turn, but it will get there. If I work hard, and dream big.


There are risks, but if life wasn’t full of risks it wouldn’t be worth enjoying. If the last two years have told me anything it’s to step out of your comfort zone. Yes you may end up crying, and shivering some of the time, but that’s just your body and lizard brain trying to accept the fear. Dare Greatly.

Never stop trying, never give up. Drive over the mistakes once and learn from them. Never stop learning, doing, being awesome.

Stretch your imagination, dream outside the box, learn from people you have never learnt from before, read books on topics you couldn’t believe you are reading about, reach out to the unknown with open arms, and don’t get scared when you get hurt a little.

Brick walls are there for a reason, risks are there for a reason. But don’t think everything happens for a reason, because it doesn’t. Shit will hit the fan, disasters will happen and no-one will know why. Life is short, yet life is long for some. Do the best to make something of yourself, something you can be proud of, that you can tell friends about and say “This is what I do, and this is why I am happy”.

Do things different, do things outside everything you have known. Do what makes you happy, not for a minute, but that long-lasting happiness of success, or belonging or anything that picks your fancy.

Never think you are not good enough. You just haven’t tried hard enough. Do things against the grain, destroy order and replace it with a new order. Make things more efficient and effective without destroying meaning. Give those who desire everything, nothing, and those that desire nothing, respect. Be productive and fanciful.

Let them see you as weak, and make them see you as strong. Use what you have  to do what you need to do. No one is perfect at the start, nor at the end and don’t desire to be.

Just be better than you are in some way now. Do something that brings joy to your heart, fire in your loins, wind in your spirit. Knock critics dead with success not argument.

Restrict the stuff you learn by the stuff you want or need to know. Learn well and often. Get up in the morning and be happy to be alive and forget your email.

Dare Greatly.

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2 thoughts on “Welcoming a new future

  1. Enjoy your experiences, travels and work beyond RiAus Bryan. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute working with you on RiAus projects and discussing your freelance work. I will combine one of my mantras with yours………walk on and dare greatly bro :)

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